Comfrey Salve

This salve is used to heal wounds, sprains, bruises, and stings.

Step 1: Dig up the comfrey from the garden. Make sure to get as much of the root as possible.

Step 2: Chop the roots up fine and place into a pot with olive oil (the ratio I used was 150g of fresh comfrey roots for 250g of oil). Cook at 70 degrees for two hours.

Step 3: Add about 25g of beeswax or some other thickening agent. You can also add some essential oils at this point.

Step 4: Before the mix has cooled to much, pour it into the container(s) it will be stored it. Use a sieve and a clothe to filter out the roots. Leave the lid off the container until the salve has fully harden.

Bonus Step: Place all the comfrey leaves into a bucket and with it with water. Leave for three weeks. Then, throw the rotted leaves on the compost heap and the water is a rich fertiliser for the garden .